Life Support Services


Life Support Services

Al Wawan has been with well-focused efforts which had established ourselves as the premier provider of the life support services in the following areas:

  • Recruiting
  • Housing
  • Laundry
  • Recreation
  • Management Supervision
  • Transportation

We offer a full range of furnished housing with secured facilities at prime locations throughout Kuwait. Housing is available for short-term overnight transit accommodations and for long term lease. We are capable of housing several hundred people at a time. With our vast resources and capabilities, we also offer portable housing (pre-fabricated with furniture and utilities), available anywhere you want it to be, including needed life support services.

Al Wawan shall provide Sponsorship in Kuwait including the following:

  • Local Health Insurance
  • Residence Stamping Charges
  • Kuwait Ministry of Social Affairs Work Permit
  • Transfer of US Driving License in to Kuwait Driver license
  • Kuwait Civil ID
  • Kuwait medical screening & Finger Prints
  • Visit Visa Transfer to Work Visa Cost (Certified College Degree required)
  • Translation (Arabic/English) & Authentication
  • Residence cancellation, administrative and other overheads